Gerolymatos International S.A. 1st Voluntary Beach Clean | Saint Nicholaos beach, Anavyssos

1st Voluntary Beach Clean | Saint Nicholaos beach, Anavyssos

One of Gerolymatos International’s core principles is to provide solutions that help improve people’s quality of life.

The sea is an essential source of life and well-being that has beneficial effects on the human body. It plays a highly important part in Gerolymatos International’s core business, since seawater constitutes the main raw material for one of its international product lines -namely, Sinomarin; a 100% natural nasal decongestant product line.

It is the Company’s responsibility to actively contribute to the protection of the oceans and the marine ecosystem, and treat it with the utmost care, responsibility and respect.

Today, marine pollution is one of the greatest challenges our planet faces. Every year the Mediterranean Sea is burdened with 570,000 tons of plastic. Plastic pollution is expected to increase rapidly in the coming years, while plastic waste production in this same region is estimated to quadruple by 2050.

Under its Corporate Social Responsibility program and on the occasion of World Oceans Day, Gerolymatos International plans to actively participate in initiatives to protect the seas. Contributing to the campaign “MEDSOSCLEANUP”, the company organized its 1st Voluntary Cleaning of the beach of Saint Nicholas in Anavyssos, on Saturday June 8th, 2019.

This corporate initiative motivated staff and their families to participate with zeal. With “HELP SAVE OUR SEAS” as a motto, all involved, equipped with strength and enthusiasm, joined their forces and took a stance against marine pollution.

The aftermath of this initiative was the collection of countless items of plastic, big and small, in an effort to prevent them from being washed into the sea.

Gerolymatos International is highly appreciative towards its people for their participation in this voluntary action and for the positive and collective response.

The company remains committed to giving back to the environment and to society, so that generations to come may have a chance for a better environment and future.