Our Affiliate Network

Major Contributors to our Achievements are our Affiliates
in France and Italy

France | Laboratoire Actions Innovations Marines (A.I.M.), Groupe Gerolymatos S.A.S.


LaboratoireAction Innovation Marine (A.I.M.) focuses on the pumping and processing of sea water, the essential raw material for the production of all our sea water-based products. Aside from our Group’s products, Laboratoire A.I.M. also supplies sea water to a number of companies with well-established sea water-based brands, and is thus recognized as a reliable raw material supplier in this market.

Laboratoire A.I.M. pumps and processes sea water from a licensed installation in the bay of Cancale, on the French coast of Brittany. The north of Brittany experiences some of the strongest tidal action in the world. This huge and constant movement of sea water ensures it is continuously renewed, enriched with mineral salts & trace elements and oxygenated.

The area is continuously monitored by the French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea (IFREMER) under the auspices of the French Government. Together with A.I.M.’s ISO 9001:2015 certification, this ensures sea water of the highest quality, enabling us and our customers to obtain pharmaceutical registration of our final products wherever it is necessary to do so.

Strategically, this vertical integration enhances our Group’s control over the raw material that is essential for the production of our core product line, Sinomarin®, both in terms of undisrupted supply and in terms of the exceptional quality of the raw material.

Italy | Foltѐne® Laboratories


Foltѐne® Laboratories S.r.l., located in Como, Italy, was originally a subsidiary of Crinos Industria Farmacobiologica S.p.A., an Italian pharmaceutical company founded in 1944.

Foltѐne® Laboratories S.r.l. is a 100% owned subsidiary of Gerolymatos International S.A. and is recognized as a major global player with a long tradition in the development and commercialization of innovative safe and effective dermocosmetic products, with a special focus on hair loss prevention and treatment of other scalp conditions.

The company’s key product portfolio includes anti-hair loss treatments for women based on Tricalgoxyl, a mixture of oligosaccharides extracted from brown algae and for men, based on Tricosaccaride, a mixture of mucopolysaccharides. Since 2019, DN-Age™, a new active ingredient with anti-aging properties, is included in the anti-hairloss treatments protecting the scalp from environmental stress and pollution.  DN-Age™ is also included i) in the formula of the treatment for eyelashes & eyebrows treatment, protecting them from exposure to blue light ii) in the formula of the Anti-aging shampoo, acting as a protective shield on the hair from UV rays and other external stresses.

The company’s unique products –presented mainly in the pharmacy channel under the Foltѐne® Pharma brand– capitalize on experience derived through more than 75 years of research and 50 published clinical studies, and have received awards and global recognition placing Foltѐne® in a strong market position internationally. The brand is present in over 30 markets worldwide and is envisioning its future international expansion in new markets at a fast while steady pace.

Foltѐne® will continue to hold long lasting partnerships around the world, providing high quality products recognized and respected by end consumers, competitors and internal & external stakeholders.