Manufacturing and R&D

Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing

Manufacturing of OTC Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices

Gerolymatos International operates a modern, highly flexible and efficient manufacturing facility, fully harmonized with European GMP standards, inspected and fully aligned with the U.S. FDA requirements and compliant to ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 13485:2016 standards.

The facility includes manufacturing / packaging lines dedicated to the production of the main product categories the company focuses on:

OTC Pharmaceuticals: an integrated production and packaging line which specializes in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical laxative marmalade (Tamarine®).

Medical Devices: technically advanced and highly automated production / packaging lines capable of filling either Bag-on-Valve pressurized cans or pump sprays in plastic vials for a variety of container volumes; aluminium and plastic. Both lines are dedicated to the manufacturing of sea water nasal and ear sprays (e.g. Sinomarin® and private label products).

The manufacturing site is located conveniently and with easy access:


Contract Manufacturing

Sea Water Nasal Spray Manufacturing for Private Label

Third party contract manufacturing services are also provided delivering isotonic and hypertonic sea water nasal sprays and ear cleansing sprays by offering a wide range of private-labelling options. A high degree of flexibility and customisation is available according to clients’ requirements, such as: bag-on-valve pressurized spray forms and pump sprays; a variety of different container volumes; options concerning spraying nozzles with different properties; a wide range of different validated sea water solutions, etc. In such a way, clients can optimally adapt the private label product to the specific characteristics of their own brand portfolio.

All manufacturing activities are assured by a rigid Quality System and extensive Quality Control from an in-house QC laboratory, throughout all phases of the product’s lifecycle, from raw materials to finished product & release as well as post-marketing.

Gerolymatos International based on its technically optimized and highly efficient manufacturing capabilities along with the adherence to the traditional corporate value of superior quality, is always committed to offering pharmaceutical products and manufacturing services of highest quality and reliability, according to the strictest specifications.

Valuing its partnerships and with its extensive international experience, Gerolymatos International provides number of services such as, registration & marketing assistance as well as transportation and offers competitive pricing to help make our clients’ products competitive in turn.


Research and Development

Always in pursuit of new partnerships for International markets and the Greek domestic market.

Gerolymatos International is committed to the continuous improvement of its existing product portfolio and the development and acquisition of new products and line extensions. Currently, the company is pursuing a number of innovative R&D projects focusing on the following areas:

  1. Sea water-based products with additional bioactive ingredients, namely algae extracts, herbal essential oils & extracts and others, for ENT applications (e.g. allergy, cold & flu, post-surgery).
  2. Health & beauty products with a focus on innovative hair, nail, eyelash and eyebrow treatments with enhanced action (e.g. anti-hair loss, anti-aging, growth-promoting).
  3. With co-financing from Greece and the European Union, Gerolymatos International participates in the research project “Development of peptidebased nanovaccines against Leishmaniasis”, in partnership with the “Hellenic Pasteur Institute” and “CERTH”, together serving the “One Health Initiative” movement.

The objective of the current Project is the development of innovative peptide-based nanovaccines for preventing and controlling leishmaniasis caused by protozoan parasites of the genus Leishmania which are endemic in tropical and subtropical areas, as well as in the Mediterranean basin, and are transmitted through the bite of infected phlebotomine sandflies. Current treatment based on chemotherapy is expensive and highly toxic, and often ineffective due to parasite’s drug resistance. The development of a safe vaccine is thought to be, worldwide, the most effective and economic way to eliminate and control the disease, and thereby it attracts social and financial interest. In the context of this Project, candidate vaccines will be constructed using biocompatible self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery systems with adjuvant properties for the encapsulation of multi-epitope peptides derived from immunogenic Leishmania proteins upon performing a combined approach based on reverse vaccinology and proteomics.

The implementation of the Project will be achieved under the supervision of Hellenic Pasteur Institute through the collaboration of three partners with activity in complementary scientific fields, such as nanomaterial science, parasitology, molecular biology and immunology, as well as Public Health-related services serving the concept of the “One Health Initiative”, the development of new products that could be commercially exploited and promoted via domestic and export activities. The Project’s deliverables are innovative technological achievements of high interest to the international scientific community and manufacturers. Beyond their contribution to the efforts made towards the development of a vaccine against leishmaniasis, these products will provide novel patterns in vaccinology which can be expanded in other infectious diseases caused by intracellular pathogens or in cancer. The successful completion of the Project can enrich company’s product pipeline with a new candidate product. Moreover, 5 new jobs (5 HPI, 2 CERTH) are also being created, thus offering highly specialized training to new scientists and enhancement of their academic and professional profile.