Effective Treatment for Occasional Constipation in the Form of a Marmalade

Tamarine® is a pharmaceutical product of natural origin in the form of a marmalade which is indicated for short-term use in cases of occasional constipation.

It is composed of apple and plum marmalade and its active ingredients are Senna leaf, Cassia pulp, Tamarind and Coriander.

Tamarine®, whose registration dossier was acquired in 2010 from GSK, has been successfully marketed in Greece, Italy and other markets for over 30 years, validating the safety and effectiveness of the product. Since the acquisition in 2010, Gerolymatos International has invested heavily in advertising Tamarine® and its sales in the Greek market have grown 10-fold.

At the end of 2017, Gerolymatos International invested in the brand further, acquiring the trademark for Tamarine® from GSK, for over 30 international markets.

The license and trademark acquisition from GSK for Tamarine® is a significant milestone that opens the door for new business prospects for the brand.

Gerolymatos International is currently undertaking the update of the product’s registration dossier in order to make the product available in international markets through its existing, extensive distributor network. This process will entail a significant investment and will enable the company to grow its international footprint significantly with this unique product.

Over and above the registration dossier update, Gerolymatos International is currently working on line-extensions to the product that include different forms, a sugar-free version  as well as  different active ingredients with the aim that in a few years from now, Tamarine® will become a strong brand with a range of products treating constipation. Gerolymatos International is currently conducting marketing surveys to end-users and medical doctors that will provide insights into market trends and guide the product development process for the Tamarine® line.

Currently, the most popular product item is in the form of a 260 gr jar; in 2017 a new form of Tamarine® 10 ml single-doses was introduced in the Greek market.