Gerolymatos International S.A. Sinomarin Expert Forum: Gerolymatos International – EVA Pharma, Egypt

Sinomarin Expert Forum: Gerolymatos International – EVA Pharma, Egypt

Gerolymatos International had the pleasure of hosting a Sinomarin Expert Forum for a selected scientific community from Egypt, in collaboration with its local partner in Egypt, EVA Pharma.

The Expert Forum, took place in Athens and was carried out in two separate events, one hosting distinguished ENT specialists and one Pediatricians, during the last week of June & the first of July, respectively.

The aim of the Expert Forum was to discuss the main scientific updates in nasal irrigation and to present the scientific research supporting the Sinomarin line of products.

Scientific research and clinical evidence are key drivers for the Sinomarin product line and an integral part of the equation that has led to Sinomarin’s international recognition.

Sinomarin has been marketed in Egypt since 2013 and today, with Eva Pharma’s valuable contribution and the support, and the trust of Egypt’s esteemed medical specialists, today holds the second position in market shares in the natural nasal solution market in Egypt and #1 in terms of physician’s preference.