Gerolymatos International S.A. Gold Award for Foltène® PHARMA at the Greek Exports Awards 2019

Gold Award for Foltène® PHARMA at the Greek Exports Awards 2019

Foltène® PHARMA, a brand synonymous with hair loss treatment for the last 75 years, has been awarded the Gold Top Branded Export Product at Greek Exports Awards 2019.

The brand exhibits significant export activity, with 95% of its annual sales volume coming from sales in 30 foreign markets, across 5 continents. Leading the markets in the Middle East, Foltène® PHARMA is the first choice in the treatment of hair loss in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Iraq, counts millions of satisfied consumers while being prescribed by dermatologists and recommended by pharmacists on a worldwide scale. Finally, it is worth noting that the brand in the last three years has achieved double-digit growth rates internationally.

The key innovation of Foltène® PHARMA lies in its formulas, which are designed in line with the principles of Anti-Aging Medicine (Medicine 2010), placing a great deal of emphasis on prevention. At the same time, the brand is leading the way in the eyelash and eyebrow treatment market.

In the last quarter of 2019 the brand launched the new Foltène® PHARMA product line, with the new active ingredient, DN-Age™, with enhanced preventive and therapeutic properties and anti-aging action, making it the core USP of the new series. Indicatively, thanks to DN-Age ™, the new Anti-Aging Hair Rescue shampoo protects the hair of consumers living in busy urban environments, while eyelash and eyebrow treatment now offers protection from Blue Light, the light emitted by mobile phones , our tablets and our computers.

Foltène® PHARMA product development, marketing and exports is carried out by the Gerolymatos International SA, a Greek industry which has been active in the fields of Health and Beauty since 1923.

The award was received by Mrs. Sonia Lazaridou-Gerolymatou.