Gerolymatos International S.A. 20 years Sinomarin®: helping millions around the world breathe well and live well!

20 years Sinomarin®: helping millions around the world breathe well and live well!

Sinomarin® celebrates its 20th anniversary! Launched in 1998 in France as the first line of hypertonic-only sea water products for nasal care. Sinomarin® is, today, a prominent brand in natural nasal care with presence in 40 international markets.

Sinomarin® is a 100% natural hypertonic sea water solution, rich with the sea’s beneficial ingredients. It relieves nasal congestion, clears and cleanses the nasal cavities, restoring nasal breathing and nasal function naturally, while helping to protect from further ear-nose-throat infections and complications.

Sinomarin® is ideal both for the natural relief of nasal congestion as well as for regular nasal hygiene & care.

Thanks to its clinically proven efficacy, quality and reliability, since its launch and for the following 20 years, Sinomarin® has become an internationally established brand available in 40 countries within Europe, North & South America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa and holds a competitive position in each market where it is present.

Gerolymatos International, in celebration of the brand’s 20 year anniversary produced a dedicated short Video.

Sinomarin® celebrates 20 years of expertise in nasal care, 20 years of reliability, growth, dedication and commitment to the development of innovative product solutions to effectively cover nasal needs.

Aiming to better quality of life, and considering the environmental challenges of current times, Sinomarin® promises to continue providing 100% natural, safe and effective solutions to tackle every-day nasal needs.

Sinomarin® continues committed to improving people’s lives through restoring nasal breathing naturally.

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