OTC Division

Gerolymatos International OTC Division, located in Athens Greece, was founded in September 2011 and is based in the Northern industrial area of Kryoneri in Athens, opposite the headquarters of Gerolymatos International.

The division was established in order to market & promote Gerolymatos International's own products in addition to other well-established international brands, to pharmacies and medical specialists in Greece.

The "Gerolymatos" name is highly regarded and respected within the Pharmaceutical and the Health professional community in Greece. The division already visits 2.500 pharmacies directly, in addition to all wholesalers/cooperatives and details most of its product portfolio to Pediatricians, ENT specialists and GPs.

The current product portfolio of the OTC Division is comprised of:

1. own products: Sinomarin®, nasal decongestant hypertonic sea water solution; Foltene®, complete scientific line for hair & scalp conditions, eyelashes and nails. Tamarine®, a traditional pharmaceutical laxative marmalade.

2. well-established international distribution brands such as:

HiPP®, market-leading organic milks and baby foods, suitable for every stage of baby development. HiPP® is regarded as the most important global producer of certified and superior quality organic raw materials. HiPP® Organic range includes a variety of products such as baby milks, juices, snacks, fruit pots, dried cereals and tray meals. The products are distributed to over 50 markets worldwide.

Biofreeze®, well-known, widely recommended and clinically tested topical analgesics. Biofreeze® is the No1 recommended topical analgesic in the USA*, is available in 22 languages and is sold in 60 countries worldwide.

ELIMAX®, New generation anti-hair lice lotion that kills lice & nits and keeps them away, consisting of 100% oligodecene oil & Lice Protection Factor (LPF(TM)), without insecticides or silicones.

Systane®, well-known lubricant eye drops, OPTI-FREE® & AOSEPT®, well-known contact lens solutions & Vitalux®, food supplements specially formulated for eyes from Alcon®.

For more information, please visit www.gerolymatos-otc.com

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